Unique granular opportunities for your brands

Hand-in-hand with technology and our customized analytical models, we identify the potential, extract the value of the traditional channel and deliver it to you in the form of actionable insights.

Our data is the perfect tool to correctly guide your execution and to boost your operation and your sales.

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Data and analytics

The correct data with an exhaustive analytical process is the key tool to enhance the performance of our clients in traditional establishments.


The dynamics of our clients are different, that is why we design models that respond to specific needs. With them we can identify opportunities on multiple fronts. What are the opportunities for the sales force? How is the performance of the customer at the sales point? What role do your brands play in the dynamics of the shopper? Which are the areas with more opportunity for each category?

Our custom models respond to specific needs.

Execution platform

We closely monitor the entire process of our data, from its capture at the point of sale and its passage through our analytical models, until its arrival at the hands of the sales force of the client through our application. The large manufacturers of mass consumption receive insights and specific actions to execute at the sales point level, which they can subsequently follow up on.