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We generate materialized value in actionable insights

We work to boost the performance of brands in the traditional channel with opportunities in distribution, portfolio selection, point of sale execution and go-to-market strategies among others.

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The traditional channel is a global phenomenon full of potential with very little information on its performance. Their establishments -the nanostores- have different objectives, however, they have one characteristic in common: they are available to everyone. This makes the channel and traditional retail an essential tool for society.

Granularity and recurrence in a dynamic and atomized environment such as the channel, in addition to technology and our unique analytical capacity, are the vehicle to achieve our objectives. Thanks to this we managed to convert the information into actionable insights that boost the performance of mass consumption companies in traditional establishments.

Collecting information on the traditional channel and analyzing it to extract granular and actionable insights, makes us an accelerating agent for the growth of different stakeholders: the market perceives the decrease in the cost of serving, the owners manage to sophisticate the value proposition, the shopkeeper generates a more efficient daily life that is reflected in sales and shoppers will find more value in the traditional channel.

Our values

Meiko’s Values

In Meiko we have pillars that guide our dynamics and govern our day to day. Each value is an essential ingredient in all our processes and relationships and help us achieve our objectives in the most efficient way.



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